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Joe daddy Adultry doesn't pay November 29, 2015
Watched the story on dateline and though I don't agree with her murder because her husband should have just divorced her, it is hard to have total pitty for someone who not only cared about her own marriage but the marriage of her former lover who's wife hadn't done anything to her and a less selfish person would have at the very least would have stepped aside once he told her he wanted to work on his marriage but she continued to only care about her wants and needs so karma bit her, the only true victims in this are the kids.
loriann morneau Miissing you November 16, 2014
Thinking of Stephanie tonight.  I have very fond memories with her and so dont my daughters who were lucky enough to spend winter vacation and part of there summer vacation with her in CO.....She is missed dearly....Love to the family and the children. 
Vern from Estonia, Europe October 6, 2012
When I looked at the pictures I felt like I had known her. I would probably have fallen in love with her If I had met her in life. 
Andrea Dateline October 6, 2012
Stephanie was a beautiful and sweet woman with such an exuberance for life. I am so touched by her story.
 I will keep you all in my prayers, especially the children.  My deepest condolensces.
jill sympathies October 5, 2012
I just saw Stephanie's story on tv. my greatest sympathies. 
Katie Roberts so sad July 19, 2012
I'm here, living in Oregon, thinking of your smile, your grace. As this trial get underway, I pray for justice and truth.

I pray for truth to come forward and for suffering to end, on the part of your aching heart and the person who created it.
Elizabeth Hunter A Beautiful Life Ended Much Too Soon August 4, 2011
I just moved to Frisco in June and have been riding my bike daily past the Summit School of Dance, where I am eagerly wanting to join to re-connect with my love of dance.  This morning I came down to my kitchen and listened to the press conference of the arrest of Stephanie's husband.  I knew nothing of Stephanie and her life and her horrific life's end until just now.  Although I did not know her, I cried and cried as the pictures from the slideshow rolled past.  Her life, her childhood, was so similar to mine, and I'm sure to so many other moms and wives.  I am in shock and deep grief that this happened in our tiny community, or that it ever happens anywhere in the world.  I grieve for Stephanie's children, who will miss her and need her the most.  I am so sorry for you, her family and friends, as well.  When I do finally join the Summit School of Dance, I will dance and hold always her memory in my heart.  I wish I had known her; the loss is truly mine.
Jennifer McCormick Hagen Former co worker February 11, 2011
Deepest sympathy to Stephanies family. I was shocked to hear the news. I haven't seen Stephanie in a few years, but will never forget her smile and kindness. I hope that the children will be able to lead a happy life.
Lindsey McCune Empathetic February 11, 2011
Dear family,

I know that the comparison doesn't make a huge amount of sense, but I lost my grandmother on July 3rd and it has left me bereft, emotional and sometimes a little insane.  :)  I saw the story of Stephanie's family on 9News and wanted to send my sincerest condolences to her family, especially her children.  Losses can be more than difficult, sometimes debilitating.  I am happy to contribute the little I can afford to her children.  I wish nothing but the best and, from even the little I have seen, these children have love.  Congrats to the Aunt and Uncle for becoming parents and believe they will all find an extraordinary love together as they grieve together.

In more than a few ways, you all have renewed my faith in mankind.

Lindsey McCune
Jenny Chien College Sorority Sister and Friend December 14, 2010
I cannot express the words or thoughts when hearing the news of Stephanie's passing. I can't phathom what Stephanie's last moments of life was like but I will forever remember and cherish her smile and the amazing spirit that embodies her sole and being.   She reminded me what really matters in this world - even in challenging times.  My deepest condolence to the Roller family and may her children know that their mom is one heavenly angel that was loved by so many. 
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