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Lars Brbaker You will be missed December 2, 2010
I will miss you so very much. I'm so sorry that I never got to know your children and that the world has lost your love. If there is ever anything I can do for your children or family I will. I know it is unlikelythatthey they ever will call on me, but I promis whatever small assistance I can bring.
Loni Ahrens sympathy December 2, 2010
My prayers go out to you all.  I didnt know Stef, but she was in my sons, Mike Becker's class.  May God wrap his loving arms around you and hold you tight.  Stef sounds like she was a most wonderful friend and sister.  Remember and treasure all those memories, in time it will help.  Blessings to the family.
Holly Reming Churchill College and sorority friend December 2, 2010
We are aching for the family, Jack, Ellie & Lillie, at the loss of a wonderful mother and friend.  She and I were good friends, through the college and the sorority years.  We loved many of the same things, music, dance and the arts, exploring, and laughing through life.  We were close also because we both seemed to valued the same things--independence, tolerance, and hard-work.  It seemed to us, as creative individuals, that these were necessary values in the quest of creating a life that was beyond the mundane.  Also, she had a sweetness, a quiet confidence, and a peaceful strength, and a fun-loving spirit about her that is a cherished quality in friendship.  I hope that her kids will remember and/or experiences those qualities, and I hope that much of the support shown here is channeled to those beautiful children of hers.  God bless and know that she will always be in our hearts.     
Mike Phelps HS Classmate and Friend December 2, 2010

I send my heartfelt condolences to the Roller and Bruner families.  Steph and I were HS classmates and have remained friends ever since.  I most admired Steph's zest for life and that adventuous spirit, which took her so many places and earned her so many friends.  I am shocked and saddened by the news of her death.  I will always cherish the memories of her and friendship we shared.  God bless you, Stephanie.

Holly English and Jim Repsher Co-worker December 2, 2010
We are shocked and saddened by this news. Stephanie and I job shared together after the birth of our first children. Stephanie was a bright star and a caring person. We wish peace and strength to the grieving family and friends back home.
Chris Hawkins and Family Past Co-Worker and Friend December 2, 2010

My deepest sympathy and condolences to the family and friends of Stephanie.   I sincerely hope healing and peace fall over her family and her close circle of friends. 

Paul Rae and Veronica RWF Friends December 1, 2010

Ernie, Kathy and Family


My family and I extend our deepest sympathies to you in this time of great loss. I cannot begin to comprehend the pain that comes with such a tragic event. I only knew Stephanie through the conversation of the 20+ years working with Ernie, and I reminder the love, joy and pride that was expressed when he would speak of her. We extend our prayers to you and your families

Robert and Anne Jacobs Co-worker and friend December 1, 2010
Five years ago, my husband told me that he loved his new job. He had just been hired as an engineer for Summit County. I was so afraid to move here, and he assured me that we would be ok, and that I would make new friends. He kept telling me about his co-worker Stephanie, and said that she and I would get along great! I met Steph with apprehension and learned to love her immediately. She and I could talk for hours, when i would go into the office to see Rob. She always tried to get me to do dancing with her.. I had broken my neck, and she kept trying and trying...till finally one day...I shook my butt, and wiggled my arms...and wouldnt you know...she stopped asking me...I always thought that was so funny....I had a very intimate conversation with steph in October, and I wouldnt trade that for the world. She and I hugged, and I wished her luck on her decisions....and I walked away...I will never forget that hug...She gave them with such passion...She was a wonderful friend...My sweet husband has had such a hard time dealing with her untimely death..He just wants everyone to know, how special she was, and that he learned so much from her..Not just engineering, but life lessons.. she was his first friend in this county, and this county will not be the same without her...WE WILL MISS YOU STEPH... with all of our hearts...Thank you for being you, and thank you for being a wonderful will be sadly missed by all...Anne and Robert Jacobs
Barbara Gal Yoga Friend December 1, 2010
Kriya Yoga Center in Denver had a retreat in Allens Park in early November, and a new person from the mountains named Stephanie joined us for those four days. She shared meditation time, learning, yoga, hikes, conversation and good food with all of us. We gained a new friend, and now have lost her so soon. My sympathies to her whole family, and especially to her children. Know that we are all sending good energy to Stephanie, her children and her whole family.
Windsorites with sympathy December 1, 2010
May your family find peace and comfort from each other. I don't know your family, but she appears to have lived her life to the fullist with a beautiful family and fun times through the pictures you've shared. My hope is your children will have fond memories of their mother and always carry her in their hearts. May you be comforted through your loss.
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